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Designed to give you confidence in the initial structure we build together so that you'll only need occasional tips afterwards.  Includes the following: 

  • Starts with a sit-down session to go through all aspects of your current financial situation

  • Together, we'll set up a budget and structure to put you on the road towards your financial goals

  • We'll be available to answer any questions and help with any financial issues you have

  • $100 for a Full Financial Review to begin, then month-to-month for $35/month

  • We can sit down again whenever you want for a Full Financial Review ($100 each)


​A middle-of-the-road package for those who would like added peace of mind knowing that we'll be keeping track of progress over a longer time period.  Includes the following:

  • Everything in the Green Package

  • A personal budget check twice per month to make sure you're on track

  • Initial Full Financial Review included

  • $195/3 months (monthly payments available upon request)

  • $85/additional Full Financial Review whenever you want


​High end package for those dedicating themselves to creating lasting change, habits, and structure that will push them continuously towards their financial peak.  Includes the following:

  • Everything in Green Package

  • A personal budget check every week

  • Includes three Full Financial Reviews 

  • $400/6 months (monthly payments available upon request)

  • $75/additional Full Financial Review whenever you want

I’m a self-proclaimed poor money manager. Every dollar I get burns a hole in my pocket, until I spend it on something. Then, at the end of every month, I’m inevitably left wondering where all my money went. That is, until I met Peter. Peter has been so helpful in helping me set up a basic budget that makes sure that my priorities are taken into consideration while still focusing on an optimal financial future. Additionally, his advice on building credit, paying off debts, and staying on track has been invaluable as I work toward making money management a seamless part of my everyday life. All of this aside, I think what I value most about Peter’s guidance is his ability to focus on the positive, and work with me in a kind, understanding way when I do fall off the wagon on this journey.




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